About Us

The Redwood Writing Project (RWP) is a network of professionals collaborating to promote literacy skills that sustain life-long learning by providing research-based, teacher-centered professional development; community writing opportunities; and youth writing programs. Housed on the Cal Poly Humboldt campus since 1977, RWP is an affiliate of both the National Writing Project (NWP) and the California Writing Project (CWP). As one of the 17 sites of the CWP network, and one of the 200 sites of the NWP network, the Redwood Writing Project is dedicated to the improvement of student learning through the effective teaching of writing.

The RWP is guided by the following National Writing Project/California Writing Project principles:

  • Writing is essential to learning, critical thinking, and active citizenship.

  • Teachers are key to educational reform.

  • Inquiry and learning about literacy, reading, and writing are key to becoming more effective teachers of these.

  • Knowledge about the teaching of writing comes from many sources, including one's own experience.

  • Writing deserves constant attention across all subjects, from kindergarten through university.

  • Universities and schools accomplish more in partnership.

Redwood Writing Project facilitates needs assessment and develops collaborative models for professional development in response to K-16 teacher, school, and district needs. Partnerships with RWP provide sites with professional support, allowing them to develop solutions to complex instructional and curricular issues related to student writing, literacy, and achievement. RWP’s core goal is to promote student achievement by providing research-based, teacher-centered professional development.

RWP Teacher Consultants (TCs) possess in-depth content knowledge that supports the Content Standards for California Public Schools. Teacher Consultants share research-based “best practices,” provide coaching, model effective writing instruction, and facilitate time for participants to adapt and apply newly acquired knowledge to their specific classrooms. The format of RWP’s professional development training is based upon school/district needs and may include the following:

  • Partnerships (in-depth, ongoing professional development to build knowledge and pedagogy about effective writing instruction across content areas)
  • Conferences
  • Workshop Series (two-hour, half-day, or full-day options with a varying number of sessions)
  • Lesson Study Teams
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Mentor teachers
  • Book groups/Lesson study groups 

RWP professional development focuses on equipping teachers to meet literacy goals such as these:

  • Using technology to support effective writing and critical thinking
  • Enriching current writing programs through teacher collaboration and reflection
  • Developing a scope/sequence for writing instruction across content areas
  • Improving writing through revision and editing, conferring, and peer evaluation
  • Developing and implementing rubrics and standards-based assessments
  • Improving reading comprehension across content areas through writing instruction
  • Designing curriculum to address Common Core Standards

Options for Funding

As a National and California Writing Project affiliate, RWP is a federal and state-approved inservice provider. RWP programs may therefore be paid for with categorical funding sources, including those provided as a result of COVID. RWP can assist adminstrators in designing professional development plans that meet one or all learning goals and in writing grant applications. Program cost will be determined through an assessment of staff needs and based upon the number of participants, format of professional development, and level of ongoing support.