Redwood Writing Contest

Submissions due by April 1, 2020 



How to Submit an Entry

1.  Prepare and format the submission as an MS Word or Google Doc.

2.  Select the appropriate grade level and category, complete the form, upload the submission and don't forget to click the "submit" button at the bottom of the form.  NOTE:  Please do not submit class sets or more than one entry per category for each writer.



Poetry Submissions




 Informational/Argument Submissions




Narrative Submissions





2020 Writing Contest Guidelines and Scoring Rubric














PDF icon 2020_writing_contest_guidelines.pdf











PDF icon2020_writing_contest_scoring_rubric.pdf




Email Amy Walker at

Winners will be invited to attend our awards ceremony on May 17th at 2:00pm where they will be presented with their published work and a fun prize!


Archive of Redwood Writing Contest Anthologies


Each year the winning pieces from the Redwood Writing Contest are published into an Anthology and a copy given to the winning authors.  Additional copies are available for purchase through Amazon.