Invitational Summer Institute

Application Deadline
Monday, April 13, 2020

 Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Time:  8am-3pm

Summer Institute

  • July 13th-16th
  • July 20th-23rd
  • July 27th-30th

Time:  8:00am-2:00pm

ISI Follow Through
 Fall semester
Time:  TBD


RWP’s Invitational Summer Institute

The summer institute reflects the National Writing Project’s collaborative model of “teachers teaching teachers.”

The Redwood Writing Project (RWP), a California Subject Matter Project and an affiliate of the National Writing Project, is a professional development program of, by, and for teachers at all grade levels and in all disciplines. RWP is dedicated to improving writing in grades Pre-K through 16 and maintains that significant change happens over time. We encourage diverse approaches to teaching writing, and unlike much teacher training and mandated in-service relying on outside consultants, all Writing Project sites are collaborations among successful practicing teachers who have been designated Teacher-Consultants (TCs) after having completed an Invitational Summer Institute. We work from a firm belief in the power of classroom-tested knowledge.

The collaborative design of the Summer Institute allows teachers to develop strategies that will fit their teaching styles and meet the needs of their students.  Additionally, teachers accepted to the Invitational Summer Institute commit to ongoing professional development opportunities, and often RWP TCs act as peer coaches, study group leaders, classroom mentors, and in-service coordinators.



ISI Benefits

The Redwood Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) is open to new and veteran teachings in all disciplines who are interested in developing the effectiveness of their literacy curriculum.  Participants will:

  • develop standards-aligned strategies that fit a variety of teaching styles and address the specific needs of students;
  • participate in a diverse, collegial, and collaborative learning community;
  • build knowledge of current topics in literacy pedagogy through grade and subject-level appropriate readings;
  • receive texts, materials, and technology training
  • earn a stipend of $400 with the opportunity to purchase up to 6 units of Extended Education Credit



Applying for the ISI 

Please submit the following information/materials via email to or mail to Redwood Writing Project, Humboldt State University, Bret Harte House, Arcata, CA 95521

  • Name
  • Preferred email address
  • Home phone and home address
  • School/grade/subject
  • School address and phone number
  • Administrator’s name and email
  • Resume or curriculum vitae demonstrating teaching experience
  • A piece of writing in which you discuss your interests and passions as a teacher and the ways in which your involvement in the ISI would further your professional goals.
  • A letter of recommendation from an administrator, department head, or colleague discussing your teaching and professional work.


ISI 2016 Photos

ISI 2016 Photo Collage

ISI 2016 YouTube

For those interested in or have participated in our ISI 2016 we have posted videos on YouTube of a couple of the presentations that were given this last July.  Our teachers have done a fantastic job and worked hard on their projects while having fun collaborating with each other.  To view the posted video presentations click on the following link Redwood Writing Project ISI 2016 channel.  We will continue to update our channel with new presentation videos from our future programs, so please check back with us for the latest from our RWP Teacher Consultants.