Spring 2018 Online Course

Infusing Technology into the Writing Process

Dates:  February 26-May 4
Location:  Online

An Online Course for PreK-12 Educators

Facilitated by August M Deshais

RWP Teacher Consultant (2010), Kindergarten Teacher
Ridgewood Elementary, Eureka CA

This online course gives K-12 educators the opportunity to integrate new technology into the instruction of the writing process.  During the 10 week course participants will investigate a variety of technology tools to support student writing, put those tools to practice in the classroom, and reflect on outcomes within an online community.  The culminating project will be a complete technology infused writing lesson which will be shared with course participants.


General Information

Dates:  February 26-May 4, 2018
Location:  Online
Fees:  $100 (Does not include cost of unit)

HSU Extended Education Units Offered

  • Register for the course above prior to going to HSU Extended Education.  You will be provided with the course registration information required by HSU Extended Education upon confirmation of registration through the Redwood Writing Project Office.
  • Cost:  $80 for 1.0 unit
  • Go to HSU’s College of Extended Education and Global Engagement to register